Natural Stone

Incorporating natural stone into a landscape design gives the aesthetic staying power, endurance, weight and presence.

Traditionally, natural stone was used both for its classical associations and as an emblem of status. Although the use of stone has recently become more mainstream, quarrying, transporting and working the stone remains a slow, labour-intensive process making it still a more costly option than any other building product.

However, the advantages of natural stone far exceed its cost. Having its roots from the earth, natural stone is best suited to adapt to virtually any environment or climate with minimal maintenance.

Although mostly used as indoor or outdoor flooring material, natural stone can also be used as a cladding or tiling material for walls, around fireplaces, in kitchens, bathrooms and on steps. Your options are truly endless.

See below to explore your options or visit out showroom to share your ideas.

Natural Stone Terminology

Square cut:
  • Refers to stone that is accurately and evenly sized and has sawn edges
  • Dimensions available: 12″x12″, 12″x 18″. 18″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x24″
  • Larger sizes are available in select products; call for availability
  • Priced per square foot
Hand cut:
  • Refers to stone that is accurately sized but which sides are hand worked to create rough edges
  • Priced per square foot
Random Flag Stone Random cut:
  • Refers to natural stone that is irregular in shape and size
  • Available in variable thicknesses from 1½” to 2½”
  • Priced per pound or per ton (1 ton covers approx. 100 ft2 depending on thickness of stone and joint)
Mega flag:
  • Natural stone either square cut or random that is 3″ thick or more
  • Priced per ton
Wall stone:
  • Refers to natural stone pieces that are commonly 4″ in depth (for facing) or 8″ in depth
  • ideal for stacking
  • Sawn cut/finish  is when top and bottom edges are smooth making stacking easier
  • Natural finish is when the top and bottom remain as quarried
  • Available in variable heights and lengths
  • Priced per ton
  • Natural stone that is generally cubicle in shape, more consistent in length than wall stone and may have sawn ends for joints with little or no gaps
  • Priced per linear foot
  • Also referred to as landscape treads
  • These are natural stone slabs generally 6″ in height and 17″ deep
  • Ideal for stand alone use to create impressive entrances or accesses
  • Priced per square foot