Aggregate is an essential part of our everyday lives. From sand to gravel, aggregate is the most consumed natural resource in our province. On their own or in combination, aggregates literally provide the foundation upon which every structure from high-rises to bungalows, bridges to roadways, parking lots to driveways, patios to walkways are built.

Although a valuable resource, aggregate is still a cost effective alternative to paving making non traditional applications such as in Zen gardens or exposed walkways more widespread in recent years.

Parkview’s five acre outdoor facility regularly stocks hundreds of tons of various grades of sands and gravels year round. In winter months the material is stored in our indoor warehouse to prevent freezing, maintaining the integrity of the product and thus of your project.

Parkview supplies only regularly tested aggregates ensuring quality and performance at the highest level.

Semantics are essential to understanding the use and purpose of the product. Parkview’s aggregates, composition and function are listed below or visit our showroom to peruse your options.

3/4″ clear gravel
  • Rounded and angular multi colored stone no larger than ¾” in diameter
  • Granite derivative containing no dust or sand
  • Fully permeable
  • Primarily used for concrete mixes, as base for concrete,  for waterproofing, around weeping tile, in window wells and anywhere else permeability is required
  • Can be used as decorative stone
  • Sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags
3/4″ granular
  • Rounded and angular stone no larger than ¾” in diameter mixed with sand
  • Used primarily for base preparation in commercial applications, driveways, walkways and/or patios
  • Semi permeable, highly compactable
  • Commonly referred to as Granular A
  • sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags
3/8″pea gravel
  • Mostly rounded multicolored stone no larger than 3/8″ diameter
  • Contains no sand
  • Permeable
  • Used in decorative applications as base material for concrete where thickness is not required
  • sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags
1/4″ gravel
  • Referred to by the acronym HPB
  • Rounded and angular multicolored stone no larger than ¼” in size
  • Highly compactable; compaction rate of 94% without tamping
  • Cost and time effective alternative to granular for base material
  • Permeable
  • Best used on its own; does not require top base of screening or sand
  • Often used in decorative applications such as planters, walkways or patios
  • sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags
  • Light grey, highly compactable stone dust
  • Preferred over limestone screening for being less alkaline
  • Applied on top of granular as final base before paver installation
  • Depth requirement varies based on project, usually 2″ minimum
  • Malleable when dry but hardens with addition of water
  • sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags
Brick sand
  • Natural, washed fine brown sand resembling beach sand
  • Ideal for masonry projects
  • Can be used as jointing sand between pavers, stones where germination is desired
  • sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags
Concrete sand
  • Coarse washed natural sand
  • Sometimes used in place of screening
  • Ideal for concrete mixes, masonry projects or backfill
  • sold by the yard or in 80 lb bags